Our Supporters
Special Olympics would like to acknowledge the following individuals and organizations for their generous support in 2017.
Individuals, Foundations & Trusts
Our work would not be possible without the generous support of donors around the world.
Abbeycare Inc.
William Alford and Yuanyuan Shen
Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation
The Ammon Foundation
The Anderson Hatch Family Foundation
Marc Andreessen
Anonymous Estate Gifts (2)
Rev. & Mrs. Kurt Asplundh
Ernest Z.Bower
Laura and David Braddock
Paul & Sherry Broadhead Foundation
R. Nicholas Burns
Estate of Marian K. Burrows
Elizabeth and Stephen Carter
Thurman Case
Clement Chilesh
Mr. Henry Chyung
Estate of Cheryl Ciacco
Angela Ciccolo
Loretta Claiborne
Perfect 10 Productions on behalf of Bart Conner and Nadia Comaneci
William Conroy
Donna de Varona
Estate of Joan Digangi
Cuong Do
Doran Family 2009 Charitable Lead Annuity Trust
Ralph Driscoll Charitable Gift Annuity
Estate of Lilyanne P.Droughn
Elisabeth Dykens
Estate of Frederick Eldridge
Yolanda Eleta de Varela
Enterprise Events Group,Inc.
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
F.I.S.H Foundation
Finish Line Youth Foundation
Anne Finucane and Mike Barnicle
Hydro Flask
The Carr Foundation,Inc.
Estate of Lorraine Frank
Mr. Joel P. Fried
Luis B.Gallegos
Kappa Beta Gamma Sorority
The Gang Family
Kathy Gibson
Lori Gladnick
Mr. Donald Goodwin
Mrs. Carolyn Grimm
Billy L. Harbert
Hellman Foundation
Mr. William J. Hill
Huntington Nation Bank
IKEA Foundation
Griffin Industrial,LLC
Nils Kastberg
Defne and Muhtar Kent
Kim Byeong Deok
David L. Klein Jr. Foundation
Ashok Krishnamurthi
Michelle Kwan
Ronak Lakhani
Ray and Stephanie Lane*
Lebensfeld Foundation
Brad Lebovitz
Mrs. Doris R. Leclerc
Henley and Helen Lee
Ms. Linda Abell
Rosalie Lindros
Mark and Teresa Little
Mark London and Dania Fitzgerald
Stacey and Larry Lucchino
The Lynch Foundation*
Lyon Family Fund
Margaret and Jack Tarver Foundation
Holly Marr
Estate of Lois J. Martin
Mr. James G. Maynard
Estate of Lois McCarthy
Cynthia McKee
Georgia Milton-Sheats
Ms. Virginia Mitchell
Katie and Scott Mitic
Gordon & Betty Moore Trust
Angelo Moratti
The Honorable Na Kyung-won
Dennis Narlinger
Nathan Cummings Foundation
Jerry Noble
Denis O'Brien*
Pan Shiyi
Paul Olson Charitable Gift Annuity
Raymond Paul
Sam Perkins
Gone Gator Music on behalf of Tom Petty
Brian Phillips
Estate of Dorothy Pinto
PMI Educational Foundation
The Portmann Family Charitable Fund
Premier Foods Concepts,LLC
Estate of Anne Prendergast
Pritzker Pucker Family Foundation
Reno Running Company, LLC
Eleni Rossides
David Sable
Paul Sallaberry
Kim Samuel and The Samuel Family Foundation*
The San Francisco Foundation
Estate of Mildred M. Schlageter
Stephen Schwerdfeger
The Shekels Charitable Fund
Linda Potter and Timothy Shriver
Maria Shriver
Robert Sargent Shriver III
Maria Gabriela Sigala
Mr. James L. Sinegal
G. Christopher and Shanon Smith
Ruth and Arne Sorenson*
Ms. Nancy Stagliano
Dr. Wing-kun Tam, Past International President, Lions Clubs International
TZP Cares Foundation
Hamdi Ulukaya
Vanderbilt Kennedy Center
Thomas Vartanian
Estate of Vincent Vassallo
Mr. Adam Vinoskey
Natalia Vodianova
Estate of Kathe Walker
Wasatch Advisors
Washington All Stars
Natalie Wexler and James A. Feldman
Julie Wilen
Estate of Patricia D. Wilkerson
Matthew Williams
Yang Lan*
Yao Ming
Yeung Man Ying
Zhou Xun
The Shriver Society
The Shriver Society recognizes a group of supporters distinguished by their significant contribution over the past year. These individuals are bringing hope and promise to the lives of our athletes across the globe and upholding the incredible legacy of the Shriver family. * indicates Shriver Society Co-Chairs. ** indicates Shriver Society Founding Members.
Yolanda Eleta de Varela*
Scott Hamilton*
The Honorable Jaime Aleman**
Gertrude Boyle**
David and Laura Braddock**
Elizabeth and Stephen Carter**
Bart Conner and Nadia Comaneci**
The Honorable Betsy DeVos
Dr. Elisabeth Dykens
James A. Feldman and Natalie Wexler
Anne Finucane and Mike Barnicle
Janet Froetscher**
Jack Furst**
David Gang and Charmaine Dittmar**
Joan Ganz Cooney**
B. Thomas Golisano**
Billy L. Harbert
Ronak Lakhani**
Ray and Stephanie Lane**
Laureus Sport for Good Foundation
Henley and Helen Lee
Larry and Stacey Lucchino
Peter Lynch
Glenn Lyon
Katie and Scott Mitic**
Angelo Moratti**
Denis O'Brien
The Portmann Family Charitable Fund
Pritzker Pucker Family Foundation
Ms. Cara Raether
Kim Samuel**
Maria Shriver
Linda Potter and Timothy Shriver**
G. Christopher and Shanon Smith
Ruth and Arne Sorenson**
Hamdi Ulukaya
Natalia Vodianova
Wing-Kun Tam
Yang Lan
Yao Ming
The Champion's Society®
Special Olympics would also like to recognize members of The Champion’s Society—donors who have made a commitment to include a future gift to the organization through their estate plans.
Erik Andersen
Arnold W. Anderson
Anonymous (27)
Dr. Martin Auslander
Ruth Barker
Blessing Beasley
Stanley Bohrer
John & Betsy Bugden: Friends of Teddy Graves & Carl Lapoint
Lester P. Burg
Patrick Campbell
Dorothy Christopher
Loretta Claiborne
Mr. G. Thomas Clark
Kathryn D. Clark
Ofelia Clouston
James M. Compton
In Memory of James E. T. Crockford
Kenneth J. Custer
Gian De Falco
Alfred Dietrich
Katherine Dillon
Charles Dixon
Barbara Doerner
Ralph J. Driscoll
James Eberhardt
Andrew Elek
Ms. Kim Elliott
Nicole M. Engdahl
Jon Erikson
Sandra Esner
Donna Boyle Farley
Carolyn Flor
Gloris Ford
Jim and Norma Garard
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gessler
Gillett Family Trust B
Robert Gingerich
Jay Glicksman
Connie Grandmason
Marilyn Grandmason
The Richard Gresham and Adrienne Dold Charitable Gift Annuity
Joan Guertin
Linda Haas
Gary Denzil Harvey
Margaret Lin Hazen
Steven Hecht & Kenneth Phalen
Bob & Sara Hedlund
Karl W. Helft
Mary Hoel
Ken Hoffman
Anne Holland
Anne Homans
James Howard
Susan Saint James and Dick Ebersol
Dorothy Johnson
Marie C. King
Robert L. & Charlotte L. Klein
Mary S. Kochiss
Hans and Sandra Kristensen
Chris and Erin Laurents
Lin L. Laursen
William J. Lewis
Marie Lilley
Catherine Loughman
Joyce Manchester
Donald & Lisa Matson
Jay E. Mayer
Theresa A. McClain
Nancy McKee Windsor
Kristin McLeod
James T. and Marion M. McManus
Cynthia W. Melamed
Frank Merenda
Geraldine Mohr
Janice Moore
Sue E. Morton
Shirley Myers
Charles Netter
Don Nichter
Gertrude M. Oberbeck
Paul R. Olson
William Parker
Joan Persing
Maria Polito, in Memory of Rosalie Polito
Deborah Quick
Lynda D. Ray in Memory of Donald Lange
Mary Joan Reasby
Lena Romito
Ernest Rothfelder
Jan Sagett
Blake Sandy
Mrs. Toby Beth Schoolman
Sandra Seaton
Esther E. Shafer
David P. Sickles
Ronald Siemssen
Judy Slavik
Linda-Lee & Jeffrey Slesinger in Memory of Anna Rosen
Bonnie Stafford in Honor of Caitlin Stafford
Nancy Stagliano ICO Albert Angelos
Charles (Chip) Steitz
Dr. Jody Terranova and Mr. Carl Verner
The Dr. Allen F. Turke Charitable Gift Annuity
Lisa Valitutti
David Velasco in Memory of Donald Harlow
Joan E. Wheatley
Bonnie Zaucha
Special Olympics Ambassadors
Special Olympics is grateful for the support of a select group of acclaimed athletes and celebrities who are dedicated to expanding the Special Olympics movement worldwide. * joined in 2017
Dani Alves
Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco
Jamaal Charles
Nadia Comaneci
Brooklyn Decker
Elena Delle Donne
Andre Drummond*
Vladimir 'Vanja' Grbic
Joe Haden
Scott Hamilton
Padraig Harrington
In-Kyung (I.K.) Kim
Yuna Kim
Damian Lillard
Julen Lopetegui*
Maria Menounos
Ricardo Montaner
Dikembe Mutombo
Hidetoshi Nakata
Li Na
Nancy O'Dell
Apolo Anton Ohno
Michael Phelps
Nicole Scherzinger
Hannah Teter
Vanessa Williams
Yang Lan
Yang Yang
Yao Ming
Zhou Xun*