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Making My Dream a Reality, All Around the World

In the past, people with disabilities were considered useless and were unnoticed and many people treated them with sympathy and pity. But now we prove that we are ‘able’ and our accomplishments go beyond people’s expectations.

I am thankful to my family, colleagues, and coaches for opening the closed doors for me to prove that I’m able to set the bar all the way to the top to improve misconceptions and break down barriers.

Through the support of my family, I became passionately involved in art, music and sports. I joined Special Olympics in 1993 and I began to exercise the sport of shot put.

Special Olympics changed my whole life and helped me show that people with intellectual disabilities are capable of doing great achievements and deserve just as much respect as anyone else. Just believe
in yourself and do not allow a disability to define you as a person.

My Special Olympics journey has been filled with fun, emotions and excitement. I started as an athlete, then Global Messenger, later I was appointed as the manager’s assistant at the Special Olympics Regional office in Cairo.

Now I am currently working for two employers: Special Olympics and Egypt’s Presidential Palace. I consider myself lucky to hold such a crucial position and at the same time be part of the Special Olympics family. It is very interesting and exciting and I am so much enjoying working in such dynamic environment.

It is truly an honor to work for the President and no day is ever the same, each day is different and when I walk out the gates at the end of the day, I feel a sense of purpose and deep honor. I never take this opportunity for granted. However, I am always keen to enhance my skills and to work diligently to improve myself at any age. All people around me whether in Special Olympics or in the Presidential Palace give me all resources and the necessary training to succeed.

If we stop dreaming, we die. That’s why we shouldn’t stop dreaming. My dream is to have a welcoming community and for people with intellectual disabilities to be given equal access to education, health, sports and jobs. Together, we can make this dream a reality.

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